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Suriname Flag - introduction
The flag of Suriname is formed by five horizontal bands of green (top, double width), white, red (quadruple width), white, and green (double width). There is a large, yellow, five-pointed star centered in the red band.
Suriname Flag - Colors
Green: (RGB: 17, 138, 61) (hex code: #118A3D)
Red: (RGB: 217, 33, 69) (hex code: #D92145)
Yellow: (RGB: 241, 204, 31) (hex code: #F1CC1F)
White: (RGB: 255, 255, 255) (hex code: #FFFFFF)
Suriname Flag - Colors meaning & symbolism
Green symbolizes hope, fertility and verdant jungles and agricultural lands of Suriname
Red stands for progress and love
Yellow star represents the unity of all ethnic groups and a golden future for all of them and the spirit of sacrifice needed from the Surinamese to achieve that goal.
White stands for peace, justice, and freedom
Suriname Flag - Facts
The previous flag of Suriname consisted of five colored stars connected by an ellipse. The colored stars represented the five major ethnic groups of Surinamese (Native Amerindians, Europeans, Africans, East Indians and Chinese) The ellipse represented the harmonious relationship amongst the groups

Suriname Flag - Images | Pictures
Suriname Flag - Images | Pictures
Flag of the President of Suriname
Flag of Prime Minister of Suriname
Previous Suriname Flag (1959 - 1975)